Case Study / Private Equity Marketplace

Increased Organic Traffic by 20X

Company Info
Mark Brogger
VP of Marketing and Communications


San Francisco, CA


A leading marketplace for trading private company shares. SharesPost connects buyers and sellers and gives them the data, analysis, and expertise needed to trade confidently.


While being one of the first to build a private equity marketplace, they were not the only company offering this service. SharesPost was receiving very little traffic from organic searches, ranking extremely low for high volume search terms related to trading private company shares.

Long tail keywords associated with private companies on the cusp of goin public were not being capitalized on.


Not wanting to rely soley on paid search efforts to reach users, SharesPost teamed up with Catch to help develop an SEO marketing strategy that would allow them to rank. After analyzing their value proposition and current strategies, Catch determined that long tail keywords associated with private companies on the cusp of going public were not being capitalized on. Catch helped SharesPost create 100's of pages to target specific long tail terms by creating a Stock page and an IPO page for each of the top private companies that were expected to IPO in coming years. These pages were optimized with unique text from research done on each company with the long tail keywords incorporated throughout.


This allowed SharesPost to get positions 1 and 2 for many top keywords and also great positioning when announcements about these private companies were made. Within the span of 2 years, the number of organic search users increased by 20X, from 10,000/month in 2018 to as high as 200,000/month in 2021. This incredible growh helped lead to the merging of SharesPost and Forge Global, which will allow them to create one of the largest private securities marketplaces in the world.