Case Study / Scuba Equipment

43% Increase in Conversions

Company Info
Debra Davis


Macon, GA


Divers Supply provides the largest selection of the top name brand scuba equipment on the market. WIth over 40 years under their belt, they offer tremendous SCUBA training programs, dive travel, and great diving equipment deals.


with 100+ quality brands of dive equipment they sell, Divers Supply struggled with getting the products being searched for by customers to show up on the subsequent landing pages. Generic campaigns had been created to account for the wide variety of products. Though, this lead to little control over what their customers would see when clicking on their Ads.

Time was spend creating relevant ads and landing pages for each search phrase.


With the help of Catch, all of Divers Supply's campaigns were restructured for a more tailored user experience. Time was spent creating relevant ads and landing pages for each search phrase. Exact match keywords and negative keywords were utilized to gain more control of what the customer saw when searching for scuba equipment.


After the campaign restructure, Divers Supply saw an increase in conversions by 43% and conversion value by 54%, while maintaining the same spend Year-over-Year for Non-Branded search campaigns.