Work You'll Write Home About.

Working at Catch is something you won't be able to stop talking about (we hope you don't lose friends over this...). We guarantee you'll love it! We've toiled hard to create a workplace where each person feels valued and is proud of the work they do.

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What we value

Family First

At Catch we know that if your family isn't doing well, it doesn't matter how well your campaigns are doing...

Open 'Zoom' Doors

While we don't have actual office doors to keep open, our Zoom (and Google Meet, Join Me, Slack, cell get the point) doors are always available to each other. Whether you've hit a roadblock with an SQL query, need an affirmation boost, or have a personal question about what budgeting software is best - we are ready to drop what we are doing to talk.

Meaningful Work

We remind each other of our vision often so that we remember how our work fits into the bigger picture. It keeps us invigorated and feeling good about what we do at the end of each work day. We are grateful for feedback as we want to grow to be the very best we can be.

Delighted to Serve

At Catch we couldn't be more excited about an opportunity to serve a client or a fellow team member. Whether it be a menial adjustment to an ad campaign or hosting a team member traveling through your state for the night...we couldn't imagine a better use of our time.

Flexible work Schedules

With team members spanning from California to Florida (and even France!) we are flexible with work schedules. You may have kids to drop off at school or teach lunchtime yoga at the senior center. We make sure there is time for what matters most.

Not Stuck in the Past

We are constantly trying to improve our processes and workflow. Have an idea of what we can change or a new app that's dropping your jaw? Please don't keep it to yourself.

Open Positions

Web Developer

We are looking for a full-time backend developer to join the Catch team!

Account Manager

We are looking for a full-time Account Manager to join the Catch team!