Dramatically Increase Google Shopping ROI with SKU level Bidding and Analytics

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What is BidSquid?

BidSquid is software that allows you to manage your Google Shopping Campaigns more quickly, intuitively, and effectively than ever before.

Pricing Philosophy

Quickly see the winners and losers of your SKUs. Drill down by stacking filters to see exactly where and how your ad-dollars are working for you.

Change the bid of a single SKU in seconds. Or, just as easily change the bids of a group of SKUs that meet the criteria you set.

BidSquid imports Click/Cost/Sales data automatically, showing you every bit of information by brand, category, all the way down to the individual SKU.

Intuitive, Performance-Driven Bid Management

Data you can act on.

Quickly visualize the profitability of each product and product segement in your campaigns. Identifying the outliers And, in two clicks, change bids

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"Thanks to BidSquid, we now have a crystal clear view into the metrics of our Google Shopping listings, and no longer spend hours downloading data, sorting through it in spreasheets just to re-upload it to Adwords editor. BidSquid has revolutionized the way Google Shopping Managment is done."

Stephen Sowinski | Interstate Plastics

Know your product performance better than ever

Deep dive into every product.

A page for each product detailing performance and spend at each time period and each bid level. Data on every product, at every time period and every bid level.

Smart Filters

Analyze your data quickly and thoroughly with our prepared battery of smart filters, and save your own filters that give you windows into the data you want to see.

Email reports: daily, weekly

Get reports delivered to your inbox so you are always up to date on the performance of your products.

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Adwords is a pain to use, confusing and not super transparent. Bidsquid is easy to use, straight-forward, and allows you to explore the performance of your Google Shopping products 100x more intuitively than the Adwords Interface.

Celine Gerakin
SKU Level Bidding has changed EVERYTHING for our Google Shopping Campaigns. Finally, a tool that allows me to literally see each product with performance data without pulling a single Adwords report or opening Excel.

Jeff Johnston
Marine Depot

BidSquid Pricing & Plans


*The Essential Tools*

per month
  • Up to 1000 Products
  • 1 Shopping Account
  • 1 User


*Most Popular*

per month
  • Unlimited Products
  • 1 Shopping Account
  • Up to 5 Users
  • Premium Tuning Modules


*For Multiple Accounts*

per month
  • Unlimited Products
  • Up to 10 Shopping Accounts
  • Up to 10 Users
  • Premium Tuning Modules
  • Dedicated Rep

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