About Us

When it comes down to it, we are just analysts. Analysts with a heck-of-a-lot of experience, a little spunk, and a track record of helping businesses break online sales records, while having a good time. Numbers expose one side of the story, and the people in a business expose the other. So we choose to work closely with both, to uncover trends, discover areas of opportunity, and identify the next steps that will take your business to places it has never been before.

Our Founders

Rose is Cofounder and CEO of Catch Marketing Services. After graduating from Harvard she began working in data with MicroStrategy and saw the potential for using the same analytical approach with internet marketing. Vincent is Cofounder and CTO of Catch Marketing Services. Prior to starting Catch, Vincent worked with Fortune 500 companies on data mining and analytics with MicroStrategy Inc. When he isn't searching for meaningful information in mountains of data, he is usually hanging out with his kids. Vincent received his Master's in Mathematics from MIT.

Our Team

Ben Gordon
VP of Sales & Marketing

Blair Mundy
VP of Product Development

Ruby Gibney
Content Writer/Manger

Blaise Nelson
Senior Developer

Sean Leoni
Account Manager

Luke Gordon
Account Manager

Our Culture

Our values define who we are at Catch. We let them shape our lives and determine how we think, act, and respond to one another. While we are pretty proud of our PPC management systems and analtyical software...people come first. We make sure our employees, their families, and our clients are put first.

Our Product

We work hard to provide the very best services and software that we can to our clients. We only offer what we would be proud to have our names on. If our client is saving time and money by being on our team, we call that a win.